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Why Website Localization

According to Internet World Stats latest Internet World Users by Language report, 73.2% of internet use now occurs in languages other than English. In fact, it has been estimated that a website referenced by English only speaking search engines will be overlooked by about 95% of its potential Asian audience and that’s why you need our multilingual professional engineers to help build translation software to expand your business into the global market which will have the interest of non-native English speakers at heart.

A multilingual website shouldn’t just be all about translation of web pages, but the site should also be properly indexed and referenced in local search engines. This requires in-depth knowledge of website engineering and SEO (search engine optimization) techniques.

A typical localization process includes:

  • Creating culturally-appropriate UI level icons and graphics
  • Translating any content, static or dynamic
  • Translating back-end database contents
  • Providing culturally relevant tutorial subjects and examples for tutorials or online help
  • Performing in-context quality assurance to ensure the final product is user-friendly, consistent and precise
  • Cross-platform browser or client testing

Contact us today for a free consultation!! Because at MTS, we always provide website localization services to help your businesses, we always have solutions to any lingual challenge you may have. Our profound knowledge of online presence, experienced website designers and programing engineers, and in-country linguists and SEO specialists will make the localization process hassle-free, expanding your website’s sphere of influence and increasing sales.


MTS will help you to break the language barrier and make your product a universal one!

Why work with us

We the best team of professional programmers, IT professionals and Engineers who will make sure your product is ready in no time for your local customers to use with either iOS, Android and Windows Phone localization at a competitive price. Direct translation may not work in APP. For example, our selected language experts know that “Like” should be translated “赞” instead of “喜欢” in Chinese. We will make sure your language looks local to your target mobile users as customer satisfaction is our watch word.

For more information about our app translation and localization services, capabilities, please feel free to contact us.