Master Translation Services

China has the second largest population of APP users. You will want to share your wonderful products and increase your business span by engaging your APP lovers from the other part of the world. Although Languages might be different; but the love for APP is a universal thing. MTS will help you to break the language barrier and make your product a universal one!

Advantages you get working with us!

We will make sure your product is ready for your local customers to use in no time with the help of the best technology support from our team of professional programmers and IT staffs. We do Android, IOS and Windows Phone localization.

At MTS, we understand that time is money and everything, we try our possible best to deliver your work speedily. Smooth workflow and efficiency are what we know best to do. We will make sure you have a wonderful experience working with us.

Direct translation cannot work in all APP. Not just any translator is capable of translating APP. For example, our carefully selected language experts know that “Like” should be translated “赞” instead of “喜欢” in Chinese. We will make sure your language fits into your local language to target mobile users.

We are a team of friendly people. We enjoy helping our clients and answering question. As customer satisfaction is our pride and watch word !

We have 5 production centers based in China. Compared to other U.S. based localization companies, we know the target market better and provide more reasonably competitive rates.

To find out more about our localization serviced and app translation capabilities, please feel free to contact us today.