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What is software localization?
Software localization is the process of adapting a software product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a target market. It includes the translation and adaptation of a software or web product as well as all related product documentation. Translation is only one of the activities in a localization project – there are other tasks involved such as project management, software engineering, testing and desktop publishing.

Software Localization Process
A typical software localization process includes the following steps:

  • Analysis of the project
  • Evaluation of the tools and resources required
  • Cultural, technical and linguistic assessment
  • Creation and maintenance of terminology glossaries
  • Translation to the target language
  • UI Adaptation, including resizing of forms and dialogs
  • Graphics localization
  • Compilation and build of the localized files for testing
  • Linguistic and functional quality assurance
  • Project delivery

Software Localization Expertise
At MTS, we have all the necessary tools, experience and resources to carry out complex software localization projects and we follow the industry standard process. Our experienced native professionals can localize your software, whether it is an complicated ERP system, an online portal, a desktop application, or an iOS or Android smartphone app, into any language while keeping all original functions intact. We will translate all that is needed to be localized in the software, including resource files, UI graphics, online help, documentation into the desired languages while keeping all original functions intact.

Our services usually cover all the three parts of a localization project:
1. Software
– Translation of text strings, with text editor and resource editor
– Compilation and resizing
– Editing graphics
– All levels of testing

2. Online Help
– WinHelp, HTML Help and JavaHelp.
– Capturing screens and editing graphics
– Formatting text and page
– Compiling and engineering
– Testing

3. Documentation
– Translation.
– Formatting and page layout
– Outputting to client specified format

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