Master Translation Services

Localization is more than mere translation of text and graphics into target languages. In addition to the user interface translation and content adaptation, website and software products need to address the social-cultural particularities of the target market. In addition to product knowledge, all this requires a profound understanding of target language peculiarities, available localization tools, production, QA processes, and testing.

Managing localization projects that involve multiple languages can also be very challenging: hundreds of thousands of lines of contents to be translated, dozens of translators in every corner of the globe, complicated translation and QA processes, tight deadline, …. Starting a multilingual localization project without adequate consultation and knowledge preparation could turn into a nightmare.

Some companies charge extra for consultation and project management, particularly for large projects. At MTS, we offer it for free. Our experienced professionals are ready to provide consultation, at no cost to you.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation – no cost and no obligation.