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Simple Facts about Vietnamese
Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam. It is also widely spoken throughout many Vietnamese communities in other countries such as Cambodia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Laos, United States, Thailand, etc. Over one million Vietnamese speakers are in the US. There are about 76 million native Vietnamese speakers worldwide.

Vietnamese has four types of vowels: front, central, low and back vowels. Only the back vowels are rounded, and the other three are unrounded. They are all pronounced with an intrinsic tone. The tones differ in duration, pitch height, pitch contour and phonation.
The writing system uses the Vietnamese alphabet which is based on Latin letters.

Our Experience and Strength
MTS has decade-long experience in providing English-to-Vietnamese, Vietnamese-to-English, Chinese-to-Vietnamese and Vietnamese-to-Chinese translation and localization services to many clients worldwide. Our translations are consistently of high quality, guaranteed by a group of excellent quality assurance linguists. All of our Vietnamese linguists are native Vietnamese speakers who have been living and studying in the United States or China for many years and are familiar with the local cultures and other factors which may affect the translations. Their extensive experience and educational background ensure that our work is of high quality. MTS is the right place to look for Vietnamese translation services.

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