Master Translation Services

We provide high-quality and affordable translation and localization services between English and any other languages in the world. Even if you don’t need more than a few languages translated for your project, our dedication to translation of more than 100 languages is a guarantee that you will always find what you are looking for.

Afrikaans Translation
Albanian Translation
Amharic Translation
Arabic Translation
Armenian Translation
Basque Translation
Bengali Translation
Bulgarian Translation
Burmese Translation
Byelorussian Translation
Catalan Translation
Chinese Translation
Croatian Translation
Czech Translation
Danish Translation
Dari Translation
Dutch Translation
Dzongkha Translation
English Translation
Esperanto Translation
Estonian Translation
Farsi Translation
Faroese Translation
Finnish Translation
French Translation
Gaelic Translation
Galician Translation
German Translation
Greek Translation
Hebrew Translation
Hindi Translation
Hungarian Translation
Icelandic Translation
Indonesian Translation
Inuktitut (Eskimo) Translation
Italian Translation
Japanese Translation
Khmer Translation
Korean Translation
Kurdish Translation
Laotian Translation
Latvian Translation
Lappish Translation
Lithuanian Translation
Macedonian Translation
Malay Translation
Maltese Translation
Nepali Translation
Norwegian Translation
Pashto Translation
Polish Translation
Portuguese Translation
Romanian Translation
Russian Translation
Serbian Translation
Slovak Translation
Slovenian Translation
Somali Translation
Spanish Translation
Swedish Translation
Swahili Translation
Tagalog-Filipino Translation
Tajik Translation
Tamil Translation
Tibetan Translation
Thai Translation
Turkish Translation
Turkmen Translation
Ukrainian Translation
Urdu Translation
Uzbek Translation
Vietnamese Translation

Major languages offered by MLT

We are best known for our amazing capabilities in the following European and East Asian language combinations:

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