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Simple Facts about German
German is the most widely spoken language in Europe. It is one of the official languages used by the European Union. There are over 100 million German speakers across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, etc.

– The German vocabulary mostly came from the Germanic branch of Indo-European language family. Many words were also borrowed from Latin, French, English and Greek.
– Literal German is consisted of 26 standard letters, 3 vowels with umlauts, and the letter ß.

Our Experience and Strength
MTS has built a strong in-house German translation team consisting of highly experienced translators and project managers who are are native speakers of both German and English. We also boast of a team of in-house German-Chinese linguists who have studied in Germany and are familiar with both German and Chinese cultures. All of our linguists hold Bachelor’s degrees or higher in their own specialty fields and have decade-long experience in providing English-to-German and German-to-English, Chinese-to-German, and German-to-Chinese translation and localization services to Fortune 500 companies and major language service providers.

Our German Translation team are all tech-savvy linguists who love to use computer aided translation (CAT) tools. They are all very experienced with using Trados, Transit and Across in their translation and localization work.

To learn more about our German translation and localization services, capabilities, please feel free to contact us.