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Does Master Translation & Technology Services provide “official”, “legal” or “notarized” translation services?

Yes, at Master Translation & Technology Services, we provide certified translations and/or notarized translations.

If you are one of many individuals requesting the service, please read on to fully understand what is being requested of them.

As a rule, before you request such service, you should always ensure that you verify the type of legalization required for your translated documents as the level of legalization varies depending on the nature of the document and the purpose for which it is being used.

Certified Translation

Translation of a document required for official use by non-governmental organizations or institutions, such as universities, schools, insurance providers or potential future employers may need certification.

Examples of documents include:

  •    ID, Driver License, Passport, Birth, marriage, divorce or academic certificates
  •    Official transcripts, such as school, work and medical reports
  •    Regulatory documents such as power of attorney, contracts, etc.

Master Translation & Technology Services will translate and proofread the documents, stamp them with our company stamp and an appropriate reference number and return them with a certificate which confirms that they have been translated and signed by a qualified translator, that we believe them to be accurate and ‘true’ translations and finally attesting to our membership with a professional translation body. This kind of certification is sufficient for immigration and other federal government purposes in the US, even without notarization, as well as for translations of academic records and the like in many cases.  It may vary by institution and by which country the documents are from. Documents from countries perceived as being of a higher risk of forgery may require more layers of security, such as notarization/embassy or consulate stamps, etc.

Please simply call us at 1-800-906-9189 for any questions.

Notarized Translation

Translation of a document for use with formal governmental and legal bodies may require notarization, which is more formal than certification.

Notarization of translation is basically notarization of the signed certification statement. It involves the translator of the document(s) or a company representative attending the offices of a public notary and declaring both under oath and in writing that the translation is a true and honest translation. The notary will then sign or mark the translation accordingly with a certified stamp.

It is often the case that original documents are required for this purpose. For this reason, you should always check with the body requesting the notarization.

There is a separate charge for the notarization of the document. Postage costs may apply.

If you require more details about our certified professional translation services, contact us for a free quote today!